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Our partnerships

To generate added value

We really like the idea of building valuable partnerships with bodies, associations and foundations that fully share the objectives of Gran Tour Perugia and can contribute to realizing them.
Below, some of our partners:

  • Municipality of Perugia

  • Borgo Bello Association

  • Porta Pesa Association – Borgo Sant'Antonio

  • Via dei Priori Association

  • Army Foreign Language School

  • Ranieri Foundation of Sorbello

  • Diocese of Perugia

  • Braccio Fortebracci Association

  • Agricultural Education Foundation

  • Villa Colle del Cardinale

  • Porta Eburnea Association

  • Garibaldi District Association

  • Brotherhood of the Above Wall

  • Table of associations of the historic center

  • PopUp books/ ideas/ snacks

  • MyEs - My English School

  • National Gallery of Umbria

  • Baldeschi Palace

  • Perugia Foundation

  • Museum System

Keep in touch

Via Giuseppe Bambagioni, 14 – 06126 Perugia
Tel: 371.3116801 | E-mail: (for info) / (for reservations)

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